Instead of repeating wheels, CabloyJS uses the latest open source technology in the industry to optimize full-stack development. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a better understanding of the following frameworks before proceeding with the subsequent reading

Learn through practice

Cabloy encapsulates and implements most of the functions and features commonly used in specific business through the combination of core modules. Therefore, it is recommended that you first enter the system, and try out the functions and features provided by Cabloy roughly


On the basis of Cabloy framework, it is very fast and convenient to redevelop specific business modules. From the following tutorials section, you can see what steps are needed to develop a business module


By reading the EggBornJS section, you can understand what features EggBornJS has extended on the basis of EggJS in order to achieve business modularity


By reading the CabloyJS section, you can understand what core modules CabloyJS provides to improve the efficiency and convenience of business development

Module: test-cook

test-cookis a test module built in Cabloy. This module is valid in unit test environment and local development environment, and automatically disabled in production environment

test-cook provides a large number of test cases, through reading the source code can further deepen the understanding of Cabloy

Core Modules

By reading the source code of the core modules provided by Cabloy, you will find that the Cabloy framework is flexible enough to allow you to deeply customize, replace, and extend the numerous functions and features provided by Cabloy