What is EggBornJS

EggBornJS is a Node.js full-stack framework

EggBornJS is the first stage of CabloyJS. Its core is to realize the modularization and module isolation, which lays a solid foundation for CabloyJS to realize the rapid business oriented development framework

EggBornJS Focus on: Business Modularization

With the developing of the javascript technology, the experience of the frontend and backend development becomes smoother, and the development efficiency enhance significantly. However, some friends still doubt whether it can be competent for the development of large-scale web applications. Large-scale web applications are characterized by the need to develop a large number of page components as business grows. Faced with this situation, generally there are two solutions:

  1. Build as a single page application: The disadvantage is that the deployment package is very large
  2. All page components are loaded asynchronously: The disadvantage is that the pages are too scattered, so the frontend should interact with the backend frequently

EggBornJS implements the third solution:

  1. The page components are classified by business requirements, which is business modularization, and implements the business module’s asynchronous loading mechanism. Thus it makes up the shortcomings of the first two solutions and satisfies the needs of the large-scale web application

EggBornJS Features

  • Frontend and Backend Separation:separating Frontend and Backend, so as for decoupling
  • Business Modularization:The page components and business logics are arranged as modules
  • Loading Flexibility:Modules can be loaded asynchronously or synchronously
  • Highly Modular Cohesion:The module includes frontend page components and backend business logics
  • Parameter Configuration Flexibility:Both frontend and backend of the module can be configured separately
  • i18n:Both frontend and backend of the module support i18n separately
  • Module Isolation:Module’s pages, data, logic, routing, configuration and other elements have been through namespace isolation processing, which avoids the variable pollutions and conflicts
  • Easy Transaction Processing:Just configuring a parameter on the routing record can process the database transaction perfectly
  • Progressive Development:Due to the high degree of cohesion of the module, EggBornJS can deposit the business in the form of module, which can be reused in multiple projects. Business modules can be contributed to the npm Open Source Community, and can also be deployed to the company’s internal private npm registry

With EggBornJS, not only the components can be reused, but also the business modules do from now