Test Module


When a new project is created, the module test-party is automatically downloaded to the directory where the project is located. Contains a large number of test-cases and kitchen-sink, and continues to add more content. It is not only convenient to quickly learn all aspects of knowledge points of CabloyJS, but also convenient to quickly start the actual business development

It is recommended that you pay attention to and keep the update of the module test-party, so as to get the latest sample codes in time

Built-in Modules

Name Description
egg-born-front The Core of Frontend
egg-born-backend The Core of Backend
egg-born-bin Command-line tools
egg-born-scripts Command-line tools for start/stop backend service
egg-born-module-a-version Module Data Version
egg-born-module-a-authgithub Github Login
egg-born-module-a-authsimple Username/Password Login
egg-born-module-a-base-sync The core of business:User、Role、Right、Atom、Simple Workflow, etc.
egg-born-module-a-baseadmin The UI Management of the core of business
egg-born-module-a-cache Cache
egg-born-module-a-captcha Captcha Framework
egg-born-module-a-captchasimple A implementation for captcha
egg-born-module-a-components-sync Frontend UI Components
egg-born-module-a-event Backend Event Mechanism
egg-born-module-a-file File Upload
egg-born-module-a-hook Backend Hook
egg-born-module-a-index Index of database
egg-born-module-a-instance Subdomains & Multiple Instances
egg-born-module-a-layoutmobile Mobile Layout
egg-born-module-a-layoutpc PC Layout
egg-born-module-a-login Login
egg-born-module-a-mail Send Email
egg-born-module-a-markdownstyle Markdown style, based on Github
egg-born-module-a-mavoneditor Markdown Editor, based on mavonEditor
egg-born-module-a-progress Advanced progress indicator, supporing multi-level progress
egg-born-module-a-sequence Sequence of atom data
egg-born-module-a-settings Settings Management
egg-born-module-a-status Status Management
egg-born-module-a-user User-related Functions
egg-born-module-a-validation Data Validation

Optional Modules

Name Description
egg-born-module-a-cms CMS Module, quickly create static websites such as blogs, technical documents, communities(forums), company official websites, and provide necessary dynamic functions, such as comments, etc.
egg-born-module-cms-sitecommunity Community Module
egg-born-module-cms-themeaws Theme: AWS-style Blog
egg-born-module-cms-themeblog Theme: Blog
egg-born-module-cms-themecommunity Theme: Community
egg-born-module-cms-themedocs Theme: Technical Documents
egg-born-module-cms-pluginbase Plugin: Basic Functions
egg-born-module-cms-pluginarticle Plugin: Basic Functions of Articles
egg-born-module-cms-pluginbacktotop Plugin: Back to top
egg-born-module-cms-pluginblock Plugin: Markdown Customizable Block Framework
egg-born-module-cms-pluginfixcontainersite Plugin: Fix the height of container
egg-born-module-cms-pluginmarkdowngithub Plugin: Markdown style, based on Github
egg-born-module-cms-pluginrss Plugin: RSS
egg-born-module-cms-pluginsidebar Plugin: Sidebar Components
egg-born-module-cms-pluginsocialshare Plugin: Social Share (a set of buttons)
egg-born-module-cms-plugintrack Plugin: Google/Baidu/QQ Statistics