CabloyJS supports two project creation modes, and the core modules are located in different directories under different modes

  1. Project Mode: Quick Start (Project Mode)

  2. Source Mode: Quick Start (Source Mode)

Basic Modules

  • Project Mode: {project}/packages

  • Source Mode: {project}/node_modules

Name Description
build Build tools for project and module
cabloy CabloyJS NPM packages
cabloy-miniprogram Miniprogram SDK
create-cabloy Create Cabloy Project with npm init
egg-born Create Cabloy Project with npm init
egg-born-backend The core module at backend
egg-born-bin Command-line tools
egg-born-front The core module at frontend
egg-born-init-config Define the project template
egg-born-localeutil I18n tools
egg-born-mglob Utils for module loading
egg-born-scripts Command-line tools for start/stop backend service
egg-born-template-cabloy Project template

Core Modules

  • Project Mode: {project}/src/module-system

  • Source Mode: {project}/node_modules

Name Description
a-antdv Encapsulates the Table component provided by antdv
a-app App Engine
a-appbooster Some built-in Apps
a-auth Authentication Engine
a-authgithub GitHub Auth
a-authopen Open Auth Engine
a-authsimple Username/Password Auth
a-authsms SMS Auth
a-base-sync The core of business:User、Role、Right、Atom、Resource, etc.
a-baseadmin The admin management of the core of business
a-basefront The front pages & components of the core of business
a-baselayout The layout pages & components of the core of business
a-baserender The render components of the core of business
a-cache Cache
a-captcha Captcha Framework
a-captchasimple A implementation for captcha
a-chartjs Encapsulates Chart.js
a-cms CMS Module, quickly create static websites such as blogs, technical documents, communities(forums), company official websites, and provide necessary dynamic functions, such as comments, etc.
a-codemirror Encapsulates Code Mirror
a-components-sync Frontend UI Components
a-dashboard Dashboard Engine
a-dashboardbooster Some dashboard widgets
a-detail Master-Details Engine
a-dict Dictionary Engine
a-dictbooster Some dictionaries
a-echarts Encapsulates echarts
a-event Backend Event Mechanism
a-file File Upload & Download
a-flow NodeJS Workflow Engine
a-flowbehavior Behavior of Workflow Engine
a-flowchart Chart editor of Workflow Engine
a-flownode Activity Node of Workflow Engine
a-host Host
a-icon Icon engine
a-iconbooster Some common icons
a-index Index of database
a-instance Subdomains & Multiple Instances & Multi Tenants
a-jsoneditor JSON Editor
a-layoutmobile Mobile Layout
a-lazyload Image lazy load
a-login User Login
a-mail Send Email
a-markdownblock Some markdown blocks
a-markdownrender Markdown render component
a-markdownstyle Markdown style, based on Github
a-message Message Center
a-oauth Session Storage based on Redis
a-photobrowser Photo browser component
a-progress Advanced progress indicator, supporting multi-level progress
a-sequence Sequence of business data
a-settings Settings Management
a-share Share engine
a-stats Statistics update and push engine
a-status Status Management
a-themebrilliant Theme of brilliant
a-themehyacinth Theme of hyacinth
a-user User-related Functions & Pages
a-useronline Users online
a-validation Data validation engine
a-version Module Data Version
cms-pluginarticle CMS Plugin: Basic features of article
cms-pluginbacktotop CMS Plugin: Back to top
cms-pluginbase CMS Plugin: Core features
cms-plugincopyright CMS Plugin: Copyright
cms-pluginmarkdowngithub CMS Plugin: a markdown style based on GitHub
cms-pluginrss CMS Plugin: RSS
cms-pluginsidebar CMS Plugin: Sidebar
cms-pluginsocialshare CMS Plugin: Social share (a set of buttons)
cms-pluginsubmit CMS Plugin: Submit to Baidu
cms-plugintrack CMS Plugin: Google/Baidu/QQ Statistics
cms-pluginuser CMS Plugin: User Buttons
cms-sitecommunity CMS: Community website
cms-sitedocumentation CMS: Documentations website
cms-themeaws CMS Theme: Blog style like AWS
cms-themeblog CMS Theme: Blog style
cms-themecommunity CMS Theme: Community style
cms-themedocs CMS Theme: Docs style

Vendor Modules

The vendor modules come from Cabloy Store and are located in the directory {project}/src/module-vendor when downloaded

Name Description
a-flownodebooster Some workflow activity nodes, including: exclusive gateway, parallel gateway and inclusive gateway
a-flowtask Workflow activity node: User task
a-layoutpc PC layout
a-markdown Markdown rich text editor
a-socketio Message pushing engine based on Web Socket
test-flow Test module of workflow engine
test-note Test module of markdown rich text editor

Vendor Suites

The vendor suites come from Cabloy Store and are located in the directory {project}/src/suite-vendor when downloaded

Name Description
a-dingtalk Third party SDK: Dingtalk
a-paypal Third party SDK: Paypal payment
a-wechat Third party SDK: Wechat
a-wxwork Third party SDK: Wechat work
bz-diancai Project Example Suite: Wechat/Mobile Ordering Together
test-party Core test suite, including a large number of test cases and kitchen-sink