A Node.js full-stack framework with workflow engine

Based on koa + egg + vue + framework7

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Support Multi Scenario development, Time Saving Effort Saving
The 'UI interaction experience' and 'development mode' of the mobile scene are brought into the PC scene
Business Modularization
The business components and logics are arranged as modules, so as for cohesion and reuse
NodeJS Workflow Engine
The built-in Node.js workflow engine is simple, flexible and extensible, which can easily adapt to various business processes and approval processes
Pain-point: Support Multi Scenario development, Time Saving Effort Saving

The most prominent pain-point on CabloyJS: Through modular architecture, multi-scenario business can be rapidly developed

scenario Frontend Backend
PC: Web CabloyJS Frontend CabloyJS Backend
PC: Exe CabloyJS Frontend + Electron CabloyJS Backend
Mobile: IOS CabloyJS Frontend + Cordova CabloyJS Backend
Mobile: Android CabloyJS Frontend + Cordova CabloyJS Backend
Slack CabloyJS Frontend + Slack API CabloyJS Backend
Wechat CabloyJS Frontend + Wechat API CabloyJS Backend
Wechat Enterprise CabloyJS Frontend + Wechat API CabloyJS Backend
DingTalk CabloyJS Frontend + DingTalk API CabloyJS Backend
  • Backend: Because of the complete frontend and backend separation, only one set of CabloyJS backend code should be developed
  • Frontend: All scenarios that can be based on H5 need only develop one set of CabloyJS frontend code
Bright-point: pc = mobile + pad

The most prominent bright-point on CabloyJS: Through the style of pc = mobile + pad, the UI interaction experience and development mode of the mobile scene are brought into the PC scene. It not only significantly reduces the amount of code development and improves the efficiency of development, but also maintains the consistency of user manipulation experience



Business Modularization

In the large-scale web business system, it is inevitable to include a large number of businesses and functions. The adoption of modularization will bring the following advantages:

  • Clear code structure and fully decoupled logic
  • Easy for team development
  • Convenient to deposit technical assets and reuse them in different systems
  • Easy to compile separately and protect business intellectual property
  • Easy code version management and seamless upgrade
Frontend and Backend Separation
  • Through the frontend and backend separation, fully release the ability of the backend APIs and support the deep customization and development of the frontend
  • Provide convenient and flexible permission mechanism to protect the security of each backend API