Unified Authentication Mechanism

The module a-base is based on Egg Passport Authentication and further encapsulated to realize a set of unified authentication mechanism

The development of authentication module is simpler, the configuration and maintenance are simpler, and the effect of out of the box is realized

Data Tables

Data Table: aAuthProvider

The data table aAuthProvider unified management authentication provider. For example, simple user/password authentication, GitHub and other third-party authentication are realized by authentication provider

Name Description
id provider Id
disabled diable or not
module module name
providerName provider name
config configuration

Data Tabel: aAuth

The data table aAuth unified management user authentication information

Name Description
id authentication Id
userId user Id
providerId provider Id
profileId user information Id obtained by the authentication provider
profile user information obtained by the authentication provider

The specific values of profileId and profile are determined by the specific authentication provider

Development of Authentication Module

Please refer to the source code of core modules of a-authsimple, a-authsms and a-authgithub