Universal Authentication Mechanism

CabloyJS completely separates the user system from the identity authentication system, which has the following advantages:

  1. Support many authentication mechanisms: username/password authentication, mobile authentication, and third-party authentication (GitHub, wechat), etc.
  2. The login page can be completely customized and various authentication mechanisms can be freely combined
  3. Users are free to add different authentication mechanisms or delete them

For example, user a first registers his identity through username/password, and then adds GitHub authentication

For example, user b first registers his identity through GitHub, and then adds username/password authentication

Usage of Authentication


The system administrator enters the page Tools - Auth Management from the home page, which lists all currently installed authentication providers


1. Enable/Disable

You can Enable or Disable an authentication provider


2. Authentication Parameters

You can set configuration parameters for each authentication provider


  "clientID": "2cbff9ea7a0015fe12fc",
  "clientSecret": "a86842c866f58f8895443263900dd49128465100"
Name Desription
clientID clientID of third party authentication
clientSecret clientSecret of third party authentication

User Configuration

Since the user system is completely separated from the identity authentication system, users can use any authentication provider to complete the first identity registration. Users can then add or remove other authentication providers at any time

The user enters the page Mime -> Account -> Authentications in turn and clicks Enable or Disable