Parameter coverage rule

Language Configuration > Site Configuration > Default Configuration

  • Language Configuration: multi-language support, different parameters can be configured in different language respectively.
  • Site Configuration: Configure the language-neutral global parameters.
  • Default Configuration: Including the default configuration of the theme module and the plugin module.

Site configuration

Enter the setting/cms page:


Click site/configuration, enter the site configuration page:


Click i on the right to check the default configuration:


Copy the properties that need to be modified from the default configuration to the site configuration page, and modify them to our required values.

Here, we modify the properties as below:

 "host": {
    "url": "",
    "rootPath": ""
  "language": {
    "default": "zh-cn",
    "items": "zh-cn,en-us"
  "themes": {
    "zh-cn": "cms-themeblog",
    "en-us": "cms-themeblog"
  "plugins": {
    "cms-plugintrack": {
      "track": {
        "google": "",
        "baidu": "",
        "qq": ""
Name Type Default Instruction
-url String Site domain name when actually deployed
-rootPath String Null Root path, generally not set
-default String en-us The default language. Static files rendered by the default language are located at the root of the site, and other languages are located at the root of the site/[language]
-items String en-us List of supported languages, separated by commas
-zh-cn String cms-themeblog The theme module name used by the language
-en-us String cms-themeblog The theme module name used by the language
-cms-plugintrack Parameter configuration of the cms-plugintrack plugin
– Google stats tracking code
– Baidu stats tracking code
–track.qq QQ stats tracking code

Language Configuration

You can configure parameters for different languages, here we just skip over.