Page Component Route List

EggBornJS automatically merges the page componet routes into the unified routes of system


function loadKitchenSink(name) {
  return require(`./kitchen-sink/pages/${name}.vue`).default;

export default [
  { path: 'kitchen-sink/about', component: loadKitchenSink('about') },
Name Description
path path of page component
componet page component

Reference Page Component Route

There are two forms of reference page component route: relative path and absolute path

Form Specification Example
Relative Path {pagePath} kitchen-sink/about
Absolute Path /{providerId}/{moduleName}/{pagePath} /test/party/kitchen-sink/about

Relative Path

Refer to the page component in the same module, you can use the relative path:

<eb-link eb-href="kitchen-sink/about">About</eb-link>

Absolute Path

Refer to the page component across module, you must use the absolute path:

<eb-link eb-href="/test/party/kitchen-sink/about">About</eb-link>

Special Instructions

eb-link is a component provided by the core module a-components of CabloyJS

The component eb-link inherits from f7-link of Framework7, and is enhanced to use relative path

If use f7-link of Framework7, you always need to use the absolute path

<f7-link href="/test/party/kitchen-sink/about">About</f7-link>