Role Transformation of Users

Users experience the following role transformation before and after registration

Stage Role
before registration anonymous
after registration registered
after activation activated

These role transitions are done automatically. The user activation feature can be disabled. If this feature is disabled, it will be automatically converted to activated after registration

Best practice: by granting different authorizations to the roles of anonymous, registered and activated, users can precisely control their permissions at different stages of registration

Activation Ways

Users can activate through mobile or email

At present, CabloyJSbuilt-in core modulea-authsimpleprovides the activation way ofemail`

Activation Customization

CabloyJS provides a general development interface through the module a-base, and supports different user authentication modules to provide their own activation methods


// account
config.account = {
  needActivation: true,
  activationWays: 'mobile,email',
  url: {
    emailConfirm: '/a/authsimple/emailConfirm',
    mobileVerify: '',
    passwordChange: '/a/authsimple/passwordChange',
    passwordForgot: '/a/authsimple/passwordForgot',
    passwordReset: '/a/authsimple/passwordReset',
  //  default is 'activated'
  activatedRoles: 'activated',
Name Description
needActivation Whether user activation is required. If not required, set this parameter to false
activationWays The activation ways provided by the system. If you don’t need mobile activation way, just delete mobile here
activatedRoles The roles automatically transferred in when the user is activated. activated by default. supporting multiple roles
url.emailConfirm Page component path for mail confirmation
url.mobileVerify Page component path for mobile verification
url.passwordChange Page component path for password modification
url.passwordForgot Page component path for password finding
url.passwordReset Page component path for password reset