What is CabloyJS

CabloyJS is a Node.js full-stack framework with workflow engine, based on koa + egg + vue + framework7

Relationship between CabloyJS and EggBornJS

Say simply:

  1. EggBornJS is a full-stack code loader, which realizes the modularization and module isolation
  2. CabloyJS provides a set of core business modules on the basis of EggBornJS, which is convenient for rapid business development

EggBornJS is only a basic full-stack development framework. Considering business development, many business-related supporting features need to be provided, such as User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Menu Management, Settings Management, Form Validation, Login Mechanism, and so on. Especially in the case of frontend and backend separation, the requirement of permission management is raised to a higher level

On the basis of EggBornJS, CabloyJS provided a set of core business modules, so as to realize a series of supporting features, which are organically combined to form a complete and flexible upper ecological architecture, thus supporting the specific business development process

With EggBornJS, not only the components can be reused, but also the business modules do from now

With CabloyJS, you can quickly develop all kinds of business applications

CabloyJS Features

  • Mobile First, Perfect PC Layout Adaptation:pc = mobile + pad
  • Unified Atom Data Management
  • Unified User Role Privilege Management
  • Fine support for multiple runtime environments
  • Support multi-domain multi-instance operation
  • Flexible test-driven development
  • Built-in many core modules, providing a large number of core features

The Origin of Cabloy

Cabloy comes from the magic spell of the Smurfs. If you spell the word Cabloy correctly, it will have a magical effect. Likewise, CabloyJS is a magic about chemistry. Based on the combination and biochemical reactions of business modules, you will achieve whatever you want