It’s very easy to create category tree in Cabloy-CMS, which is enough for most scenarios

In fact, you can add more advanced fields to the category for more flexible customization

Advanced Fields


Name Type Description
categoryName String category name
hidden Boolean If true, no rendering in the menu
sorting Number Rendering order in the menu
flag String custom field to store the appropriate values as needed
catalog Boolean whether it is parent category
language String language
url String click this category to open the specified page URL


For example, to implement an page of About, which displayed directly on the menu. you can create a hidden category, and put the page About into this hidden category


This field is mainly used in websites similar to technical documentations

For example, a documentation website has multi-level categories. The primary category is displayed as button link with the field url in the navbar. Then, when you click this primary category link, the specified article page will be opened, and the multi-level child categories under the primary category are displayed in the left sidebar of the article page

Please refer to the documentation style at