What is CabloyJS?

CabloyJS is The Ultimate Javascript Full Stack Business Development Platform, based on EggJS & VueJS

What is EggBornJS?

EggBornJS is the Ultimate Javascript Full Stack Framework

The frontend of EggBornJS uses VueJS + Framework7 + Webpack, while the backend uses KoaJS + EggJS, and the database uses MySQL

Vertically, EggBornJS make the frontend and the backend work together to form an organic wholeness, so as to avoid working independently between them

Horizontally, EggBornJS has refined a code organization mode called “business modularity”, which could offer a powerful basic framework for the continually growing business demands of large-scale web applications through different module combinations

Relationship between CabloyJS and EggBornJS

In brief:

  1. EggBornJS is a full-stack code loader,and has defined a set of code specifications for full-stack development
  2. On the basis of EggBornJS, CabloyJS provided a set of core business modules, in order to facilitate rapid business development

EggBornJS is only a basic full-stack development framework. Considering business development, many business-related supporting features need to be provided, such as User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Menu Management, Settings Management, Form Validation, Login Mechanism, and so on. Especially in the case of frontend and backend separation, the requirement of authority management is raised to a higher level

On the basis of EggBornJS, CabloyJS provided a set of core business modules, so as to realize a series of supporting features, which are organically combined to form a complete and flexible upper ecological architecture, thus supporting the specific business development process

With EggBornJS, not only the components can be reused, but also the business modules do from now

With CabloyJS, you can quickly develop all kinds of business applications

Relationship between EggBornJS and EggJS

EggBornJS consists of egg-born-frontegg-born-backend, which correspond to the loading mechanism of frontend and backend respectively

Essentially, egg-born-backend and EggJS are both code loaders. However, in order to realize the mechanism of business modularization, egg-born-backend has made many enhancements on the basis of EggJS. The core features are as follows:

  1. In a business module, resources such as backend routes, controller, service, middleware, i18n, configuration can be set separately

  2. In EggJS, these resources are organized and loaded by predefined file location. In the business module of egg-born-backend, these resources are explicitly organized and loaded by require. Thus, business module can be compiled separately

  3. Business modules can be compiled separately, so that they can be released separately, deployed separately and upgraded separately, thus promoting the prosperity of the whole ecosystem of CabloyJS and further accelerating the development of actual business

  4. On the other hand, business modules can be compiled separately may meet the requirement of protecting business code

CabloyJS Architecture Diagram


The Faith

Any application that can be written in Javascript, will eventually be written in Javascript | Jeff Atwood (2007)

It is believed that the deep explorers of Javascript will be inspired by Atwood’s law and work together to build a more prosperous application ecosystem for Javascript

CabloyJS is just an exploration of Atwood’s law. Instead of repeating wheels, CabloyJS uses the latest open source technology in the industry to optimize full-stack development

Welcome to join the community ecology of CabloyJS to promote the prosperity and application of Javascript

The Origin of Cabloy’s Name

Cabloy comes from the magic spell of the Smurfs. If you spell the word Cabloy correctly, it will have a magical effect. Likewise, CabloyJS is a magic about chemistry. Based on the combination of atoms and biochemical reactions, you will achieve whatever you want