All business logics are implemented by business modules in the CabloyJS Project

In the following tutorials, we take the module test-party as an example to learn the basic concepts and usage of the following features:

  1. How to create a business module
  2. Basic process of frontend and backend development
  3. Usage of backend configuration and i18n
  4. Usage of frontend configuration and i18n
  5. Usage of backend database
  6. Usage of backend database transaction
  7. Usage of backend middleware
  8. Usage of menu authorization
  9. Basic concepts and usage of Atom
  10. Usage of atom authorization
  11. Test-Driven development


Before continuing the tutorials, please confirm the following two points:

1. Don’t forget to start the backend service and frontend service

  1. 1$ npm run dev:backend
  2. 2$ npm run dev:front

2. Install Suite: test-party

In the new version of CabloyJS, the module test-party is located in the suite test-party, which contains sample codes in more scenarios

Use the following instruction to install the suite test-party:

  1. 1$ npm run cli :store:sync test-party